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What exactly is non-toxic cleaning?

We consider a cleaning product or technique to be non-toxic if it doesn't have the potential to cause personal injury or illness when it is absorbed through the skin or as a result of reasonably foreseeable use.

The non-toxic cleaning methods we use can be natural or organic products such as citrus fruits, oils, salt and vinegar, or non-harmful products such as borax and castile soap, as well as environmentally friendly cleaning techniques such as the use of steam and microfiber.

Our green commercial cleaning solution is called SuperBio. It doesn't only guarantee the use of non-toxic cleaning methods, but also provides better results than traditional cleaning products. SuperBio contains more than 20 tested recipes of non-toxic cleaning products and techniques.

SuperBio recipes provide guidelines to the type and quantity of non-toxic cleaning products to be mixed together to produce the best cleaning solution for a specific purpose. These recipes cover a range of cleaning purposes including carpet, ceiling, glass, leather, metal, tile, toilet, wall and wood.
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