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Why are fixed prices better than hourly rates?

The major difference between the two pricing approaches is that fixed prices are result oriented, while hourly rates are time oriented. In other words, fixed prices give cleaning results and hourly rates give cleaning hours.

Some commercial cleaning companies argue that the hourly rates can be better because they result in clients only paying for what they need. They charge a set price for their basic service and a separate hourly rate for add-ons such as:
  • Spring-Cleaning.
  • Appliances Inside Cleaning.
  • Blind Detail-Cleaning.
  • Ceiling Cleaning.
  • Light Fixtures Cleaning.
  • Wall Steaming.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Irregular cleaning (after party).
We believe that a fixed inclusive price is more economical and leads to higher cleaning quality. The main advantages of fixed prices over hourly rates are:
  • Cost Advantage. It is a well-known marketing strategy to underprice a basic service and overprice its add-ons. In the vast majority of cases, the extra cleaning hours as well as the overheads needed to organise cleaning add-ons, result in the fixed prices approach being cheaper than hourly rates.
  • Better Quality. Conflict of the responsibility for cleaning results is likely to happen if the client and the cleaner can’t agree on a limit for the extra time. Fixed prices avoid this conflict from happening, while minimising interruptions to the client's business. This results in getting the expected cleaning quality at the agreed price.

CleanService is an outsourced cleaning service provider rather than a traditional cleaning agency. We provide fixed price all-inclusive cleaning services, designed specially to suit businesses' cleaning needs. We want to build a sustainable long-term relationship with you, help you budget accurately, save on overheads of organising cleaning add-ons, and most importantly, we want to always keep your premises spotlessly clean with minimum interruptions to your business.

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